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We would be glad to send you a cost estimate which you can personally submit to your insurance company.

Your follow-up treatment is not included in the price, as we only decide after the operation how comprehensive the follow-up care will be. Your follow-up treatment will be discussed with you individually.

For the down payment, you can transfer the amount to our APO bank account. Naturally, we also accept cash payment in Euro.

No, the final amount may differ from your cost estimate by up to 20% due to unforeseeable difficulties and situations. In addition, the invoice amount may be increased if you wish to make use of additional services not included in the cost estimate

Your down payment serves as a confirmation to reserve your appointment. We work along the “All-In-One”        concept. This means that a long appointment up to an entire day plus the pre and post treatment will be reserved for you with a team of specialists.

Therefore, your down payment also serves as a guarantee for us.

Naturally, the down payment will be used to offset the invoice for your treatment.