Can my family dentist also fabricate and fit the definitive crowns?

In principle, yes, but we recommend this only in individual cases.

At the time when another dentist begins to fabricate the final crowns on healed implants, he recognizes that the implants are perfectly osseointegrated. Otherwise, he would not be allowed to fabricate crowns on the implants. Thus, the dentist assumes the entire responsibility for the functioning of the implant + crown unit.

However, if the crowns have tension or are too high, they can destroy or loosen the well-healed implants again. In this case, there will always be discussions about who is responsible for the failure, even if this is quite clearly regulated (see above).

We therefore recommend that you also have the final crowns fabricated by MEDIDENT BAVARIA® Dr. Neubauer so that the entire responsibility is in one hand.

If you wish to have the final crowns made by another dentist, he or she should at least have completed training according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT.