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Anesthetics ALWAYS test negative, no matter which one you use. Therefore, it makes no sense whatsoever to test them. Anesthetics are a necessary evil to be able to treat the patient. However, the anesthetics are broken down or excreted again within a very short time. In 15 years we have not experienced any complication with the anesthetic we use (Ultracain Forte = active ingredient articaine).

Of course, this possibility exists and we can send you samples of all the materials we use. However, we only use materials that a normally functioning immune system can tolerate without problems (zirconium oxide ceramics, glass ionomer cement, Admira resin, etc.). Prior to remediation, the immune system is still compromised and may not accept even these materials. However, we have never experienced in 14 years that these materials AFTER the renovation would not have been tolerated.

Of course! Here you will be supervised by an anesthesiologist on site.

You can find more information here: General anesthesia

It depends on what ensures the most pleasant treatment process for you personally. Most of our patients do not require sedation or anesthesia.

You will receive local infiltration anesthesia with the anesthetic Ultracain Forte (active ingredient: articaine). Dr. Neubauer has been using this for 14 years and has always been able to achieve sufficient depth of anesthesia and has not seen undesirable side effects in a single case.

We do not perform conduction anesthesia because it can lead to reduced blood flow to the mandibular bone and can promote the development of Ischemic Osteonecrosis* (NICO).

* The described topic or the mentioned procedure are subject of numerous studies, which support our view. However, we would like to point out that scientific proof of efficacy and official recognition are currently still pending.

We will be happy to advise you individually in our practice.

If it is not possible for you to make the surgery appointment, we need to know this at least four weeks in advance, as our patients come from all over Germany and neighboring countries and we therefore always have to plan for the longer term.

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Arrival by car/parking facilities:

There are enough parking spaces in front of the practice building.

The nearest train station is in Passau and is about 20 min away by car.

Ideally, the vitamin D3 level (25-OH-D3) should be in the upper range of the norm. Prof. Dr. Joseph Choukroun from Nice recommends a level of >70ng/m, which we agree with, as we have achieved the best results with this.

For endocarditis prophylaxis, an antibiotic must be taken 1 hour before the appointment (2000 mg amoxicillin, 600mg clindamycin if allergic to amoxicillin). After consultation with the attending physician, the prescription for this can also be issued by us.