Invoice questions

We will be happy to send you your individual cost estimate, which you can submit to your insurance company in person to find out what portion they will cover. We will be happy to prepare a letter of justification for you if your insurance company requests it.
For the advance payment, we ask you to transfer the amount to the account indicated in the down payment invoice. We ask you to transfer the remaining amount after receiving the invoice as well.
No! Your final amount may differ up to 20% from your estimate due to unforeseen difficulties and situations. In addition, the invoice amount may increase if you have used additional services that were not listed in the estimate.
Your deposit serves as a confirmation of your appointment reservation. We work according to the "ALL IN ONE" concept. This means it will be a long appointment up to a full working day incl. of pre- and post-treatments with a whole team reserved for you. Thus, your deposit also serves as security for us. The deposit will of course be deducted from the invoice for your treatment.  
All services, which are part of the service catalog of the statutory health insurance, are of course billed via the health insurance.
If the last 5 or 10 years are consistently entered in the bonus booklet, you will receive a higher contribution to prosthetic matters from the statutory health insurance.
Yes. We ask for your understanding that we generally request a deposit before any major treatment section. The respective deposit amounts can be seen in your treatment plan or will be communicated to you accordingly when you make your appointment.