After the operation

As a matter of principle, we only use absorbable sutures, which dissolve by themselves after 4 to 6 weeks. However, if any of the sutures bother you or interfere with eating and speaking, you may have them removed after 3 weeks at the earliest. The dentist does NOT have to make an effort to remove the suture completely, as the remnants (e.g. under a temporary restoration or under the gum) will then resorb (dissolve) on their own in the coming weeks.

As a general rule, after all surgical procedures, you should not leave until the fifth postoperative day. In the case of bone augmentation in the area of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift), you must not fly for approximately two weeks. In general, you should avoid intensive sports, intensive sunlight and sauna for two weeks afterwards.

As a rule, no follow-up examination is required. Exceptions are newly occurring swellings or severe postoperative bleeding.

Take a freshly washed cotton cloth (not a paper handkerchief!), tie a knot and press it on your wound for 20 minutes (pressure dressing). If bleeding does not stop, please contact us or an emergency dentist if not reached.

Slightly bloody saliva does not represent severe postoperative bleeding, but can be treated in the same manner. Please avoid any rinsing in the mouth, as it provokes the bleeding again.

Take an analgesic (ibuprofen 400mg, 1-2 tablets every six to eight hours, maximum 6 tablets in 24 hours). If pain does not decrease, please contact us or an emergency dentist if not reached.

Complications usually occur very rarely. However, if a complication should still arise, please contact us at.
Phone: 08504 923650

If the patient is free of complaints, it is possible to start sport again after 10 days after the surgical intervention. After a sinus lift procedure, sports may only be performed again after 14 days. You may also visit the sauna again after 14 days at the earliest.

Implants have a healing process that lasts at least three to six months. You will be informed individually after your surgery.

Once the anesthetic has lost its effect, you may eat again, but no hard foods as the cement needs 24 hours to harden completely.

Long-term temporaries placed on immediate implants must not be loaded for at least 6 weeks, i.e. during this time you may only eat soft food.

Immediately after surgery, it is most effective to cool the next three to four hours. The next day, you can continue cooling during your infusion.